I wish I could

Give out treats

To everyone.

To all the children,

And to all children

At heart.


I wish I could

Lock up all the tricks

In the magic realm.

And leave no tricks

For the politicians

And anyone not being real.


I wish it could be

The kind of Halloween

That scares all evil away

Forever out of our lives.

But nobody is knocking on my door.

I should have decorated the house.


~ Zornitsa


Happy Halloween to anyone out there young or old.. or somewhere in between, whoever is reading my blog. I hope that it is a fun-filled day for you.

Halloween is a new-ish addition to my list of holidays to celebrate. I don’t think I have fully come to terms with what it is and how it is celebrated. My first experience with Halloween was at my first year of university in Canada, when I was going up the stairs and ran into a girl whose face was bleeding quite heavily. Being an international student/ fresh off the boat/ whatever you wanna call it,  I panicked and was frantically going through my CPR knowledge in my head… and then the girl smiled at me! A couple of friendly witches appeared out of nowhere, and then I realized it was not a regular school day. It was Halloween.

Since then, I have made conscious effort to get to know Halloween a little better. The pumpkins. The costumes. And, of course, the candy. Lots and lots of it.


While I am still genuinely frightened of all the costumes that include excessive red paint in any bloody kind of way, I have found a number of other, friendlier costumes that I enjoy.

My favorite costumes:

– The clever costumes. The person who wrote BOOK on their face, and walked around as Facebook! And, umh, the cereal-killers.

– The cute costumes. All baby-pumpkins fall into this category!

– The couple costumes. Hello, Salt and Pepper Shakers!

Ok, time to go get some healthy veggies and smoothies…to balance out All. The. Sugar.

Happy Halloween!!!!



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