Dear Rain

*Dear Rain*


Dear rain,

dear raindrops,

Please wash away

all the troubles off my mind.

Let the water crystals soak up

sadness like a sponge.


I want to melt the heaviness away,

And become light, so light

That I fly away and

come back as little raindrops

which wash away

other people’s sadness.



Too many fairy tales

*Too many fairy tales*


He said I was talented.

I laughed it off.

Talent is just a seed.

A pumpkin seed.


You water it and it grows

Until it turns into a pumpkin

And the pumpkin grows

Into a carriage.


At midnight all your effort is lost.

But at least the Prince

Is in love with Cinderella. Forever.

He said I read too many fairy tales.




Fairyland of pages

*Fairyland of pages*

In a fairyland of pages-
That’s where my poems live.
They were born, because
I felt the need
To set them free.

If you read them,
You can feel
For a moment what I felt.
If you read them you can
Help make them real.


Snow angels

*Snow angels*

I wish I could hug the world.
I wish I could make snow angels
Until I fly away.

In my dream
The moon is my sister
And the world is a family.


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