There you are,

Walking down the aisle.

So slowly. So peacefully.

He is waiting for you,

And for your life together.


I don’t know why people cry

At weddings,

But I do too as I pray

For you and for

Your new family.


I never heard what the priest said

At my own wedding.

I was too busy being in love

And making sure my dress doesn’t catch on fire.

So many candles.


But now I can really listen and hear

Words like communication and trust. Family values.

Lord, hear our prayers.

Bless this new family

And the rest of us.



The mother vow

*The mother vow*


On the day you were born

I promised you

To be your mother and your friend,

To be a teacher,  a mentor for you.


I promised to listen,

To remember and smile,

I promised to accept you

For who you are.


With all my love,

And all my heart,

I promised you this

For all the days of my life.





Once upon a time
There was a little girl.
She grew up to be
One of a kind.
Each step of the way
She leaned on her mother.

Time passed and
The girl became a
mother herself.
And her little girl
grew up to be
One of a kind.

That’s how life goes on
With each little girl
and her story.
Each day someone
somewhere says
‘ I love you, mother’.





Like a silk scarf

Life slipped away

Off your shoulders,

And you are no longer here.


You live in memories.

But not in yours.  In mine.

You’re lost

And I can’t find you.


I love you so much.

It’s all I can give you.  My love.

I wish I could wrap a warm scarf

Around your shoulders.



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