Earth Day

*Earth Day*


Earth day was yesterday.

So you planted some flowers

and moved on.


In a few weeks it’s Mother’s day.

So you ordered some flowers

and set a reminder to call.


But shouldn’t it be Earth day

every day? Shouldn’t it be

Mother’s day every day?


Sadly that won’t happen.

But, oh well, Mother Earth

got to celebrate twice.



New year’s resolutions

*New year’s resolutions*


Every year

I dread December.

Not because of the decorations,

Or the holiday cheer.


The sound of Christmas songs

Echoes on the things

I didn’t do this year. Even though

I had time all year long.


Rewriting new year’s resolutions.

What a waste

Of paper

And hope.


But look at all the things I did do

That were never a part of the plan.

Turns out the things that matter

Have their own calendar.



Christmas sadness

*Christmas sadness*


When I was little,

I could not understand

Why my grandma was sad

At Christmas time.


“But, Grandma,

It’s Christmas” I said.

“It’s a happy time”, I said.

I was so little.


She said she was sad

Because she missed her mommy

Who was far, far away,

And couldn’t come home.


Now my grandma and her mommy

Are together

At a place far, far away.

And the one that is sad at Christmas is me.




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