Stop and smell the roses

Photo Credit: Silvia Angelova


*Stop and smell the roses*

Stop and smell the roses,

They said.

They won’t be there forever,

They said.

The rose is frozen now.

Yesterday she put on

Her best pink dress

And her icy crystal earrings.

She wanted to be pretty

On her last night out.

Poor rose.

It is November now.

Your girlfriend is putting on

Her best pink dress

And her crystal earrings


Tell her she is beautiful.

Bring her some pink roses.

Don’t wait for

Valentine’s day.

We’re not here forever,

They say.

Tell her you love her

Every day.

 ~ Zornitsa


This poem was inspired by a photograph by Silvia Angelova. The photograph is showing a beautiful rose covered in snow, and I believe it was taken in November last year. I usually try to find a picture to match my poems, but this time, I tried to find the words to match this beautiful photo!




Those days- cloudless,

filled with loud

children’s laughter

and sun rays,


When everything

seemed possible,

and everyone was loved.

I loved those days,


and reached for them

The way a sunflower

turns towards the sun

on a cloudless day.






I love bright colours

And smiling days.

They remind me of colourful worlds

And dreamlands.


I love it when you bring me sunflowers.

I love it when days grow longer.

Positive thoughts are

A foreshadowing of summer.





Look up at the sun,
Because it’s shining.
Light is stronger
Than darkness.

Love is stronger
Than loneliness.
If I could be a flower,
I’d like to be a sunflower.


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