I love you

*I love you*

Shall we walk on the beach together?
Just the two of us.
With the sand the only witness of our steps,
Of our kisses and our love.

And the waves our only friends,
Reaching for us and then stepping back
So that we are alone…
Just the two of us.


Are clouds alive?

Are clouds alive?


I am not writing about you.

It’s just that your phone number

Is on the back of the sheet

That I write on,

While I’m thinking about you.


I want to know,

Are clouds alive?

And why are they sad sometimes?

They cry.

What do they see,

Where do they go,

Have they been wherever

You are now.


If I flip over the page

And dial your number,

Would you answer one question?

I want to know

Are clouds alive?



I miss you

*I miss you*


When you love a city

You walk on the streets

Stepping on a carpet

Woven from memories.


The traffic lights

Are evergreen,

And out of the windows peek

The eyes of your loved ones.



A rose

*A rose*

Some people say romance is gone
In the 21st century.
Life is hard, there is no time
For such a luxury.

Those are the people who
Never stop and smell the roses.
I wish they knew
How beautiful life really is.

I used to be one of these people too.
It’s been a long journey
And it all started when I met you.
I brought you a rose to say thank-you.


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