There you are,

Walking down the aisle.

So slowly. So peacefully.

He is waiting for you,

And for your life together.


I don’t know why people cry

At weddings,

But I do too as I pray

For you and for

Your new family.


I never heard what the priest said

At my own wedding.

I was too busy being in love

And making sure my dress doesn’t catch on fire.

So many candles.


But now I can really listen and hear

Words like communication and trust. Family values.

Lord, hear our prayers.

Bless this new family

And the rest of us.



*The church by the flower market*

*The church by the flower market*


She was sitting on the sidewalk,

Watching as people walk by-

The old lady in the flower market.

She reminded me of my grandma.


Same wise eyes,

Same smile.

Gerbera daisies, grandma’s favorite.

I bought some flowers but didn’t know


What to do with them,

So I left them at the altar

In the little church by the flower market.

I think God understood.




Christmas sadness

*Christmas sadness*


When I was little,

I could not understand

Why my grandma was sad

At Christmas time.


“But, Grandma,

It’s Christmas” I said.

“It’s a happy time”, I said.

I was so little.


She said she was sad

Because she missed her mommy

Who was far, far away,

And couldn’t come home.


Now my grandma and her mommy

Are together

At a place far, far away.

And the one that is sad at Christmas is me.




I miss you

*I miss you*


When you love a city

You walk on the streets

Stepping on a carpet

Woven from memories.


The traffic lights

Are evergreen,

And out of the windows peek

The eyes of your loved ones.



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