The grass is your hair and

The sea is your eyes

You’ve been here longer

Than all of us.


And yet we think we know it all.

Who would know better

Where to find answers than

The one who created the questions.



*The church by the flower market*

*The church by the flower market*


She was sitting on the sidewalk,

Watching as people walk by-

The old lady in the flower market.

She reminded me of my grandma.


Same wise eyes,

Same smile.

Gerbera daisies, grandma’s favorite.

I bought some flowers but didn’t know


What to do with them,

So I left them at the altar

In the little church by the flower market.

I think God understood.







Those days- cloudless,

filled with loud

children’s laughter

and sun rays,


When everything

seemed possible,

and everyone was loved.

I loved those days,


and reached for them

The way a sunflower

turns towards the sun

on a cloudless day.



The mother vow

*The mother vow*


On the day you were born

I promised you

To be your mother and your friend,

To be a teacher,  a mentor for you.


I promised to listen,

To remember and smile,

I promised to accept you

For who you are.


With all my love,

And all my heart,

I promised you this

For all the days of my life.






I used to walk on your bridge

And stare in your water,

Thinking about my past,

Dreaming about my future.


Now you drank all the raindrops,

Made them a part of you,

And claimed our houses,

Our roads are under you.


The flood is reminding us

That nature is stronger than people.

But if we stick together like raindrops

We can be strong too.



Leaving tomorrow

*Leaving tomorrow*


An empty suitcase

On the bed.

Dreams of a new place

In my head.


I’m packing up hopes

And travel guides.

Leaving behind fears

And dreading goodbyes.


There is only one thing

That is stopping me.

I wish I could bring

You with me.



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