Stop and smell the roses

Photo Credit: Silvia Angelova


*Stop and smell the roses*

Stop and smell the roses,

They said.

They won’t be there forever,

They said.

The rose is frozen now.

Yesterday she put on

Her best pink dress

And her icy crystal earrings.

She wanted to be pretty

On her last night out.

Poor rose.

It is November now.

Your girlfriend is putting on

Her best pink dress

And her crystal earrings


Tell her she is beautiful.

Bring her some pink roses.

Don’t wait for

Valentine’s day.

We’re not here forever,

They say.

Tell her you love her

Every day.

 ~ Zornitsa


This poem was inspired by a photograph by Silvia Angelova. The photograph is showing a beautiful rose covered in snow, and I believe it was taken in November last year. I usually try to find a picture to match my poems, but this time, I tried to find the words to match this beautiful photo!




I wish I could

Give out treats

To everyone.

To all the children,

And to all children

At heart.


I wish I could

Lock up all the tricks

In the magic realm.

And leave no tricks

For the politicians

And anyone not being real.


I wish it could be

The kind of Halloween

That scares all evil away

Forever out of our lives.

But nobody is knocking on my door.

I should have decorated the house.


~ Zornitsa


Happy Halloween to anyone out there young or old.. or somewhere in between, whoever is reading my blog. I hope that it is a fun-filled day for you.

Halloween is a new-ish addition to my list of holidays to celebrate. I don’t think I have fully come to terms with what it is and how it is celebrated. My first experience with Halloween was at my first year of university in Canada, when I was going up the stairs and ran into a girl whose face was bleeding quite heavily. Being an international student/ fresh off the boat/ whatever you wanna call it,  I panicked and was frantically going through my CPR knowledge in my head… and then the girl smiled at me! A couple of friendly witches appeared out of nowhere, and then I realized it was not a regular school day. It was Halloween.

Since then, I have made conscious effort to get to know Halloween a little better. The pumpkins. The costumes. And, of course, the candy. Lots and lots of it.


While I am still genuinely frightened of all the costumes that include excessive red paint in any bloody kind of way, I have found a number of other, friendlier costumes that I enjoy.

My favorite costumes:

– The clever costumes. The person who wrote BOOK on their face, and walked around as Facebook! And, umh, the cereal-killers.

– The cute costumes. All baby-pumpkins fall into this category!

– The couple costumes. Hello, Salt and Pepper Shakers!

Ok, time to go get some healthy veggies and smoothies…to balance out All. The. Sugar.

Happy Halloween!!!!



Love beyond being in love

*Love beyond being in love*


Look for beauty

Beyond the good days.

Look for beauty

In the not-so-good days,


When everything seems to be

Going wrong.

And yet somehow

He still loves you.


And you still love him.

That’s what

Love beyond being in love

Really is.


~ Zornitsa


There are so many poems about love out there. Maybe because love truly is what brings people together, what inspires them and makes it worth going through the not-so-good days in life. I love the saying “falling in love”. It’s like it doesn’t just happen to you, you fall into something bigger than yourself, lose the ground underneath only to get the uplifting feeling. But what happens after? If love is a drug do people get addicted to it or do they just expect for love to solve all their problems. It won’t. But true love will be there through the problems and beyond, till the very last good day and the very last bad day. Till the end.

A photographer

*A photographer*


I am a photographer.

I see the world

Through the lens.

Birthday parties.

Smash cakes.



Everyone poses.

The pretty girls want to look

Even prettier in pictures.

The happy girls want to look

Even happier in pictures.

All smiles.


But my favorite people

To photograph

Are children.

They don’t pretend

To be happy.

They just are.


– Zornitsa


This poem is inspired by a friend of mine who is a family photographer. She is amazing & loves children. I think it takes a special kind of person to take family photos because one must not only be good with the camera but also be good with children, be funny and make them laugh and smile 🙂 That way the whole process is a fun experience for everyone and you end up with beautiful, happy pictures!


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