Like a silk scarf

Life slipped away

Off your shoulders,

And you are no longer here.


You live in memories.

But not in yours.  In mine.

You’re lost

And I can’t find you.


I love you so much.

It’s all I can give you.  My love.

I wish I could wrap a warm scarf

Around your shoulders.





An open road.
Not late for anything.
Nowhere to be,
And everything to experience.

Freedom. Deep breaths.
New friends.
Sweet kisses
And painful goodbyes.

New-ness that
doesn’t get old.
Fear. Loneliness.

When I asked
how your trip was
You just said




Fairyland of pages

*Fairyland of pages*

In a fairyland of pages-
That’s where my poems live.
They were born, because
I felt the need
To set them free.

If you read them,
You can feel
For a moment what I felt.
If you read them you can
Help make them real.


I love you

*I love you*

Shall we walk on the beach together?
Just the two of us.
With the sand the only witness of our steps,
Of our kisses and our love.

And the waves our only friends,
Reaching for us and then stepping back
So that we are alone…
Just the two of us.


Snow angels

*Snow angels*

I wish I could hug the world.
I wish I could make snow angels
Until I fly away.

In my dream
The moon is my sister
And the world is a family.


New year’s resolutions

*New year’s resolutions*


Every year

I dread December.

Not because of the decorations,

Or the holiday cheer.


The sound of Christmas songs

Echoes on the things

I didn’t do this year. Even though

I had time all year long.


Rewriting new year’s resolutions.

What a waste

Of paper

And hope.


But look at all the things I did do

That were never a part of the plan.

Turns out the things that matter

Have their own calendar.






I love bright colours

And smiling days.

They remind me of colourful worlds

And dreamlands.


I love it when you bring me sunflowers.

I love it when days grow longer.

Positive thoughts are

A foreshadowing of summer.



Christmas sadness

*Christmas sadness*


When I was little,

I could not understand

Why my grandma was sad

At Christmas time.


“But, Grandma,

It’s Christmas” I said.

“It’s a happy time”, I said.

I was so little.


She said she was sad

Because she missed her mommy

Who was far, far away,

And couldn’t come home.


Now my grandma and her mommy

Are together

At a place far, far away.

And the one that is sad at Christmas is me.




Are clouds alive?

Are clouds alive?


I am not writing about you.

It’s just that your phone number

Is on the back of the sheet

That I write on,

While I’m thinking about you.


I want to know,

Are clouds alive?

And why are they sad sometimes?

They cry.

What do they see,

Where do they go,

Have they been wherever

You are now.


If I flip over the page

And dial your number,

Would you answer one question?

I want to know

Are clouds alive?



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