A photographer

*A photographer*


I am a photographer.

I see the world

Through the lens.

Birthday parties.

Smash cakes.



Everyone poses.

The pretty girls want to look

Even prettier in pictures.

The happy girls want to look

Even happier in pictures.

All smiles.


But my favorite people

To photograph

Are children.

They don’t pretend

To be happy.

They just are.


– Zornitsa


This poem is inspired by a friend of mine who is a family photographer. She is amazing & loves children. I think it takes a special kind of person to take family photos because one must not only be good with the camera but also be good with children, be funny and make them laugh and smile 🙂 That way the whole process is a fun experience for everyone and you end up with beautiful, happy pictures!


‘Me too’

‘Me too’


Me too, she said,

I remember

what I was wearing

That day.

Not that I would

Wear those clothes

Ever again.

It has been years now.


Me too, I forgive

Him for what he did

That day.

Not that you should forgive

Things like



Forgiving is not

the same

Thing as


I hope one day

I can forget.

Him too.




Dedicated to all the women who have been victims of sexual harassment. Many of you have took part of the #metoo initiative and many of you have not but that is your right just as it is everyone’s right to say No.




I need to water my plants.

They aren’t mine, technically.

They aren’t his either.

They used to be

Ours, but we split up.

He is gone now.


We never had a baby.

Or a puppy.

Or a gold fish.

Or true love.

Just a few plants

And a lease.

Leftover pizza.


The kind of relationship

Your grandma

Doesn’t know about

And she keeps asking you

If you have met a

Fine young man yet.


And you always say no,

Not yet.

And you never lied to her.

You just lied to







There you are,

Walking down the aisle.

So slowly. So peacefully.

He is waiting for you,

And for your life together.


I don’t know why people cry

At weddings,

But I do too as I pray

For you and for

Your new family.


I never heard what the priest said

At my own wedding.

I was too busy being in love

And making sure my dress doesn’t catch on fire.

So many candles.


But now I can really listen and hear

Words like communication and trust. Family values.

Lord, hear our prayers.

Bless this new family

And the rest of us.



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